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Skiold Landmeco: Our Products


Increased turnover and efficiency are key factors for the success of the SKIOLD LANDMECO customers in the broiler farming industry all over the world.

The patented pan feeding solution for broilers increases growth rate and makes it more homogeneous and more efficient. With the unique design of the pan the chicks will learn correct feeding behavior from day one and the chicks will grow faster, hitting their target weight in less time, which makes the whole operation more profitable for you. The patented solutions from Landmeco also secures an optimization of the performance and operational reliability through simple robust designs that always make a difference.
An optimal production in broiler farming requires that the equipment is modern, efficient and easy to use - and ours is. At the end of the day you can trust us to install a house for you which is much more profitable, and which makes your daily operation much easier.

Skiold Landmeco: Our Products


With focus on animal welfare, functionality, quality and ease of cleaning

Our unique and well-known product range for breeder houses include everything from feeding, drinking, heating, nesting and control systems to ensure you the best possible solution for breeder houses.
Feeding of breeders - simultaneously and rapid
The SKIOLD LANDMECO assortment in breeder feeding includes both rearing (spin feeder), male feeding and female feeding. SKIOLD LANDMECO’s male feeding allows a very high chain speed which ensures a very fast feeding making sure all males get feed at the same time. The female feeding is based on SKIOLD LANDMECO’s well known chain feeding system. The height of the trough can be adjusted automatically and thereby feeding all animals simultaneously.
Nests for breeders - room for the hens with a unique construction
Since 1982 SKIOLD LANDMECO has developed and produced nests. The nests are exported all over the world. The nest for breeders has been developed with a special focus on minimizing potential shock impacts from the egg leaves the hen until it reaches the packing station. The result is a nest which is extremely gentle, and this is reflected in the good results customers have had with it. Furthermore, the nest for breeders give about 25% more room for the hens than similar nests due to the unique construction.

Skiold Landmeco: Our Products
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Simply Unbeatable

SKIOLDLANDMECO is Scandinavia's largest producer of poultry equipment. SKIOLDLANDMECO is based in Ølgod, Denmark, where they have designed and manufactured their products for more than 40 years. Some of their products include feeding pans and nest systems for breeders. Their patented 330° kick-off feeding pan is a smart solution to starting your flock off right. With the overflow feeding being presented to the bird at eye level it ensures that the bird will find the feed immediately and get the start it needs.

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